According to the Order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 1643 of 28.12.2019
the journal is included in the List of Scientific Professional Editions of Ukraine (category "B") in Technical sciences
Articles to be published in the N 1 (33) of the scientific journal Commodities and Markets


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Founder: Kyiv National University
of Trade and Economics
Year of establishment:  2005
Topics: Dealing with the issues in the theory and practice of commodity science, 
new technologies, hotel and restaurant business, marketing, merchandising, logistics, quality and safety of goods (services), standardization, metrology, certification and quality control, consumer protection
or thematic orientation:

Summarizing and publishing the results
of scientific research on the commodity science and state of markets development as well as establishing a system of international cooperation of scientists
ISSN: 1998-2666 (Print); 2616-6755 (Online)
Certificate of registration: KB № 10007 of 30.06.2005
Professional registration in
Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

Order Nr 1643 of 28.12.2019 (addition 4) – on Technical Science
(journal the category “B”)

Order  № 261 of 06.03.2015 to 28.12.2020  Technical science
WAC Ukraine: Resolution № 1-05/1 of 10.02.2010 to 10.02.2015  Technical science 
Resolution № 1-05/4 of 14.10.2009 to 14.10.2014  Economics
Field of Science: technical science (technology food, commodity)
Frequency: 4 times a year
Schedule released magazine in 2020: № 1 (33) – 23.03.2020;   № 2 (34) – 22.06.2020;
№ 3 (35) – 28.09.2020;   № 4 (36) – 23.12.2020
Language: Ukrainian, Russian, English, German
Editor: Kravchenko Mykhailo F.Doctor of Technical science
Deputy Editor: Prytulska Natalia V., Doctor of Technical science
Executive Secretary: Melnichenko Svitlana V., Doctor of Economics
Editorial address: Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
street Chigorina, 57, Kyiv, 01042, Ukraine
Tel.: (+38044) 529-20-70 
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1998-2666 (Print); 2616-6755(Online)